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Bankruptcy is a process that should be embraced by indebted residents of Melbourne, as it is the sure-fire way to permanently secure your financial future. Bankruptcy Melbourne has helped hundreds of everyday Australians find intelligent, affordable solutions to their financial difficulties through bankruptcy and related services. We implore you to speak to us today about how we can help you at home in Melbourne with professional debt resolution strategies at the lowest prices available anywhere on the Australian marketplace.

Bankruptcy Melbourne is able to provide shockingly low prices for our industry-leading services. With the resources, facilities and Bankruptcy Melbourne’s team of highly experienced insolvency experts, your personal debts could be resolved in less time and at lower cost than you would ever have imagined. Bankruptcy Melbourne is wholly committed to helping everyday residents of Melbourne achieve quality debt relief.
At Bankruptcy Melbourne we understand that although bankruptcy is an inherently helpful procedure, it is still something our clients generally wish to avoid if at all possible. That is why we offer the residents of Melbourne a range of highly affordable and extremely effective alternatives to bankruptcy that will see your debt problems finalised and your financial future secured once and for all. At Bankruptcy Melbourne, our insolvency experts will work very closely with you to formulate a solution to your financial difficulties that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances and will help you achieve maximum long-term security at minimal cost. If solving your debt problems requires bankruptcy, then Bankruptcy Melbourne will ensure your procedure runs smoothly and inexpensively; however, if there is any chance for you to avoid formal bankruptcy, then our insolvency experts will guide you through the implementation of effective alternatives that can include Part IX Debt Agreements, Part X Personal Insolvency Agreements and Section 73 Proposals.

We offer the residents of Melbourne a range of highly affordable and extremely effective alternatives to bankruptcy…

At Bankruptcy Melbourne, we are often able to utilize the legislative provisions established under Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act to offer our Melbourne clients the option of entering a Debt Agreement as an alternative to formal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Melbourne usually offers Debt Agreements to clients who desire an alternative to formal bankruptcy, and whose debts are small enough (or who still retain sufficient assets) to facilitate this option. In layman’s terms, a Debt Agreement is an arrangement between you and your creditors for the settlement of your debts either as manageable instalments (usually over a 3-5 year period) or as one lump-sum that is less than the total amount payable but still satisfactory to your creditors (e.g. you might pay 80 cents on every dollar outstanding). Generally, Debt Agreements are available to Bankruptcy Melbourne clients who are insolvent, but have not previously been bankrupt or subject to similar arrangements.

Unfortunately, often a clients’ financial state of affairs will make formal bankruptcy inevitable. This is nothing to be afraid of: bankruptcy is a process to help you, not hurt you. If bankruptcy is unavoidable for your specific circumstances, this period will generally last for three years; however, there is one final alternative to full-blown bankruptcy that Bankruptcy Melbourne can provide; this is known as a Section 73 Proposal. With a Section 73 Proposal, clients of Bankruptcy Melbourne are often able to annul their bankruptcy significantly earlier than is customary. This allows for all of the positive effects of bankruptcy, while minimising a number of the detrimental ones. Through professional, affordable services for Section 73 Proposals, Bankruptcy Melbourne could see your bankruptcy finished in mere months instead of the usual three years. No matter how dire your financial difficulties may seem, there is always an intelligent, professional and, above all else, inexpensive solution that can be applied by Bankruptcy Melbourne.

At Bankruptcy Melbourne, we have years of experience in helping the residents of Melbourne to overcome their financial difficulties through bankruptcy or one of our affordable, effective bankruptcy alternatives. No matter how complex your debt troubles may seem, we have a wealth of industry experience and the necessary skills to realise the ideal solution for securing your financial future. Bankruptcy Melbourne is a company that prides itself on its ability to help everyday Australians transform their debt problems into manageable and ultimately advantageous solutions.

The time has come to stop your debts from accumulating and your creditors from hounding. Bankruptcy Melbourne is your lost-cost, high-efficacy remedy to debt. Seek the expert counsel of Bankruptcy Melbourne today and discover the ways in which we can help to permanently end your financial difficulties. Bankruptcy Melbourne will keep your creditors at bay and apply clever, proven methods for settling your debts and securing your future.

Bankruptcy Melbourne operates exclusively in Melbourne, meaning that we understand the commercial drivers and pitfalls that affect business life and can lead to insolvency in Melbourne better than any other company. We are a Melbourne based company that caters to the financial interests of the people of Melbourne.

At Bankruptcy Melbourne, we know how challenging and daunting it can be to attempt issues of personal insolvency. However, we also know that doing so is always better than doing nothing, so we make it our objective to work with you in Melbourne to spot issues, risks and decisions and handle the financial impact of your bankruptcy to the benefit of all relevant stakeholders and your future commercial dealings.